Togi is a plugin that eases the process of exporting images for the web and for the publication on social networks.

It processes the image to sharpen it to avoid the details loss that is usually occuring when downsizing the image.

Seeing it in action is probably better worth than a thousand words. You can find below on the left a picture that is the result of a classic export from Photoshop in jpg, whereas the picture on the right has been optimized by the Togi plugin. You can move the separator in the middle of the picture to see each version of the picture in greater details.


First example — Photoshop (on the left) and Togi (on the right)

All of the photographs presented on this website have been exported with Togi. To see how the output looks like with the Instagram presets of the plugin, I invite you to go visit my Instagram page.

How does it work?

The resizing of the image is done in several steps that consist of progressively reducing the size of the image from its original size to the desired output size, applying a sharpening at each step to prevent loss of details even with a quite reduced output size.


  • Number of optimization steps automatically computed according to the original size of the image and the desired output size
  • Handling of presets to have different output formats
  • Predefined presets to export the image for publication on Facebook, Instagram or the web
  • Possibility to add user-defined presets
  • Automatic conversion in sRGB and 8 bits
  • Choice of the presets to use for an image, allowing to export an image in several output formats in a single operation
  • Batch processing: sharpen all the images located in a directory with a single click
  • Additional post-processing to add borders to the image or to cut it in two (used by the default presets for Instagram)
  • User interface in english and in french

Second example — Photoshop (on the left) and Togi (on the right)


You need to use at least version 2021 of Photoshop (under Windows or MacOS).

Download Togi plugin for Photoshop

Want to test for yourself and ease the process of exporting your images for the web or for the social networks?

There are two ways to do that:

  • Get the Togi plugin directly from the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
  • Download the Togi plugin via the button below. You will get a zip file containing the last version of the plugin and the instructions to proceed to its installation.

As you can imagine, developping and maintaining such a tool needs quite some time.

If you appreciate Togi, that you are using it and that it is useful for you, you can consider donating to help me improve it and add new features. To do that, you just need to click on the button below.

Any suggestions?

If you have some things to say about the plugin, if you encounter some issues with it, or if you have suggestions to make it better or to add new features, you can contact me.